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Chic Life Audit: 10-Day Challenge

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Are you ready to take stock, get clear, and upgrade your life?

Take the 10-Day Challenge and perform your personal Chic Life Audit.

Here's What The Chic Life Audit Covers

  • Day 1: Upgrade My Personal Style
  • Day 2: Streamline My Responsibilities
  • Day 3: Upgrade My Self-Care
  • Day 4: Express My 'Personal Brand'
  • Day 5: Simplify My Life
  • Day 6: Organize My Goals, Plans, Projects
  • Day 7: Improve My Confidence
  • Day 8: Elevate My Everyday Life
  • Day 9: Elevate My Self
  • Day 10: Upgrade My Health & Beauty

Here's What You'll Gain

  1. A chance to assess what's working in your life and what's not
  2. Motivation and clarity to identify what you truly want
  3. A process for turning your desires into simple action steps
  4. Inspiration and ideas from my own personal journey
  5. The joy of getting mental clutter and discord out of your head

Here's How It Works


Each day, complete the assessment, worksheet, and action plan / tracker. Choose a set time over coffee or wine, and think about expressing the chic version of you. Don't worry what others do - listen to your personal preferences, pleasures, and tastes. Being your own best self is always more chic than following trends or copying others.


Have a look at my completed sample worksheets and action plans / trackers for ideas and inspiration. These are my real answers, containing changes I have made in the past, or ones I'm working on now. Of course, filter these ideas through the lens of your own unique way of being in the world.


Turn your Chic Life Audit into a personal program for upgrading your life. For each day, review your assessmentworksheet, and action plan / tracker. Add tasks to your calendar, purchases to your shopping list, and reminders to your phone. Or use the Master Checklist if you prefer. This is how you'll transform your insights into your real chic life.

Here's What You Get

Once you place your order you receive a link to download your gorgeous, printable, 87-page PDF workbook.

The Chic Life Audit is a self-paced program containing:

  • Pre-Audit Check-In
  • Overview and 10-Day Progress Tracker
  • Assessments, Worksheets, and Action Plans / Trackers for each day of the challenge
  • My personal completed Sample Worksheets and Action Plans for ideas and inspiration – these are my real answers, containing changes I have made in the past, or ones I’m working on now
  • Master Checklist for collating tasks and ideas generated from the challenge
  • Post-Audit Check-In

You complete the audit in your own time, ideally over 10 days, to maintain momentum.

Here's What People Think

The gold in this program is the comments Michele writes in the sample sheets. She gives so many ideas. She is teaching people how to organize themselves in a user-friendly way. What I find interesting about Michele and her program is the way everything aligns – goals, movie choices, décor, crockery, outfits, striving to be your best but not to burden yourself with impossible standards. If you complete this program you will be a chic chick! 

- Rachel Thompson, violinist

I love the Chic Life Audit, the design and content. A beautiful journey to reveal your unique self. It's not only very original, but also inspiring. 

- Ratnamurti Saraswati, yoga teacher

Digital Download

Chic Life Audit is an 87-page PDF download – no shipping, no packaging, no waiting. 

Your PDF file will be available to download once payment is confirmed.

Start Now!

It's time to take stock, get clear, and upgrade your life.

BUY NOW to take the 10-Day Challenge, perform your personal Chic Life Audit, and transform your life.

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Chic Life Audit: 10-Day Challenge

Chic Life Audit: 10-Day Challenge