• When To Splurge And When To Save

    It’s easy to dress with elegant style when you have an unlimited budget. You can buy the best of everything and engage a stylist to curate chic, fabulous ensembles. (Doesn’t it make you wonder why some wealthy celebrities display so little taste?) But for those of us with a sense of style yet limited spending, how do we know when to splurge and when to save?
  • News Anxiety: How To Stop Feeling Stressed

    Do you get news anxiety? That’s what I call the sensation of stress bubbling away when I do my morning skim of the news. Sometimes I’m aware of my blood pressure and heart rate mounting as I read. My natural temperament is to overthink and worry, but it’s something I don’t indulge and have worked hard to tame.
  • Your Elegant Posture: 7 Tips For Greater Poise

    An elegant posture is a simple yet powerful way to be more chic. The way you carry yourself affects how people respond to you and, at least as important, how you feel about yourself.
  • The Pleasure Of Unread Books

    I recently learned the delicious Japanese word Tsundoku. This is the habit of buying books, of letting your to-read pile grow, of indulging in the sheer pleasure of unread books.
  • How To Live A Chic Life

    Style + Simplicity + Self-Care = A Chic Life⁠. ⁠
  • C'est Moi, Michele

    I write about living ‘a chic life’ – personal style, organized home, elegance, confidence, living well, self-care, minimalism, joyful work, happy relationships.
  • Are You Martha In A World Of Marys?

    Are you a prefect in your relationships? The one who is responsible for everyone and everything? Martha in a world of Marys? Does this feel good?...
  • How I Turned My Home Office Into A Chic Studio

    More recently, over the course of a couple of moves, I turned my home office into a chic studio. An atelier. Here are the 6 steps I took.
  • The Chic Life Philosophy

    The Chic Life Philosophy is about living life from the inside out, being who you are, living an elegant life, your way.