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I Always Knew Inside Me, There Was A Chic Me…

A person who had her life together. Someone with confidence, elegance, grace, and poise. With an organized and uncluttered home. A polished sense of dress, according to her own style, never fads. Someone who lived with order and purpose, focusing on what mattered and opting out of conventions and others’ expectations. Who took excellent care of herself and loved with kindness and compassion instead of people-pleasing. Who enjoyed the contentment that comes from knowing who you are and caring more about your own considered opinion than what others think. A woman who was comfortable in her skin, who had that je ne sais quoi.

But this is not how my life looked. Or felt.

For a long time I did not live a chic life; in fact, I didn’t even live my life. I worked in a career for which I was strikingly ill-suited. I dressed for others – usually what my lover du jour wanted me to wear. I put others’ needs above my own – easily done when I had little idea what my needs were. I collected possessions for all the personas I thought I should be. I overcompensated for my roiling inner conflict by being nice and pleasant and keeping the peace.

It took me many years, much research in psychology and philosophy, and plenty of soul searching, but over time I learned how to create and live a chic life that expresses who I am and what matters to me. I learned how to slough off other people’s expectations, the compulsion to fit in, the endless comparisons and relentless drive for perfection. How to let go of everything that crowded my space, my closet, my life, my heart.

And this clarity made room for what I cared about, what made me happy, felt right, my pleasures and passions, my instincts and natural kindness. It allowed me to uncover my personal style, to embrace the joy of simplicity, to practice self-care without guilt.

To express what is inside me, and to let that be absolutely – are you ready for this word? – enough.

In A Chic Year: 52 Style, Simplicity, & Self-Care Projects For Creating A Chic Life I have distilled for you many of the things I’ve learned and changes I’ve made. I’ve turned these into an uplifting series of style, simplicity, and self-care projects for you to complete over 12 months. 

How I Upgraded My Style, Simplicity, And Self-Care

I’ve turned everything I’ve learned about living a stylish, elegant life into uplifting projects for you. Week by week, you’ll:

  • create a capsule closet
  • make a personal look book
  • organize routines
  • tackle frustrations and clutter
  • improve your posture, speech, and elegance
  • embrace simplicity
  • express your values
  • love your body
  • forgive yourself and others
  • practice acceptance
  • streamline social media
  • be kinder easily
  • upgrade your lingerie and fragrance,
  • and do more of what makes you happy.

A Chic Year… For You To Create Your Chic Life

52 Weekly Projects

A Chic Year comprises 52 projects that cover the three key elements of a chic life – style, simplicity, and self-care. Everything from capsule closets to personal look books; from decluttering to organized routines; from perfectionism to forgiveness.

Simple, Elegant, And Inspiring Guidance

I know what it’s like to come to the end of a course or book and feel motivated to change – but have zero idea where to start. What to actually do. So instead of giving you vague aims, I’ve fashioned projects that guide you along, explaining everything with simple steps, tips, and suggestions

Planners, Worksheets, And Trackers To Challenge and Prompt You

Because it’s human nature to begin with gusto but lose momentum, I’ve included planner, worksheet, journal and tracker pages to keep you accountable and help you stay inspired and excited.

Gorgeous, Chic Design For Reading Or Printing

And because you, like me, are the kind of person who appreciates the finer things, I’ve created a stunning design with 187 beautiful, printable pages. You can print them all for a gorgeous workbook to inspire you all year. Or print only the journals, planners, and trackers and read the elegant PDF on your phone, tablet, or computer if you prefer.

Everything You Need For Your Chic Life, Starting Now

A Chic Year: 52 Style, Simplicity, & Self-Care Projects For Creating A Chic Life is a 187-page PDF download – no shipping, no packaging, no waiting (well, allow some time for the internet to work its magic). Start any time you like.

I’m so thrilled to bring you this program. There’s nothing else like it – I’ve looked! And I believe nothing will help you more in creating the chic, elegant, poised, and contented life that honors the chic woman who’s already inside you.

I can’t wait to start this journey with you. Shall we begin?